SRB Multi Purpose Hyper Dressing S13

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Author : Lina
Update time : 2024-03-30 14:15:42
Do you know why your car looks old?  Because you didn't take care of it!  Your car is like your partner, treat it well please. Now we recommend our products to you----SRB Multi Purpose Hyper Dressing S13.

The function of  Multi Purpose Hyper Dressing S13

This product can deeply moisturize leather, interior plastics, engine compartment plastics, rubber and other parts to prevent cracking, fading and aging, and form a protective film on the surface to resist ultraviolet rays and high temperatures to prevent damage. It can effectively extend the service life of components and keep them as shiny as new.
The operation method is very simple:
After cleaning and drying the surface that need to be treated, spray the product onto foam applicator or directly spray onto the surface, then wipe it evenly.
You can even add water to achieve different effects
Dilution Ratio: (Product: Water)
1 : 1 or original solution for Highlight ,
1 : 2 for Medium Brightness ,
1 : 3 for Matte,
1 : 4 for Natural Gloss 
When you want to do routine maintenance on their vehicles at home, you can use S13 to do it by yourself.  Wipe it carefully with a soft towel. If you persist for a long time, your car will always be bright and eye-catching.
Choose it and make your car look brand new !!

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