SRB Multi purpose Cleaner C62

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Author : Grace Lee
Update time : 2024-01-03 09:14:35
SRB Multi purpose Cleaner  C62
Are you looking for a quality all purpose cleaner formulated for car interior surfaces that's easy to work with, has a pleasant smell, and delivers deep and thorough cleaning to all interior surfaces? If so, we're excited to tell you that all your searching is over. Surainbow's  All Surface Interior Cleaner is a premium interior cleaner that effectively delivers deep cleaning to all your car interior surfaces. Do you have built up dirt and grime that accumulates on commonly touched surfaces over time? No problem. Remove dirt, dust, grime, and fingerprint oils from vinyl, leather, rubber, and plastics, and this interior cleaner leaves surfaces clean without a gloss or shine. Do you have stains on carpets or upholstered seats from interior accidents or spills? No worries. Remove stains from carpet and upholstery for a clean, refreshed, uniform look, restoring carpet, fabric, and upholstery to like new. Some interior cleaners have a strong chemical smell or use overpowering scents. Not our automotive all purpose cleaner for interiors! It has a fresh citrus scent that makes using the product an easy and positive experience. This interior surface cleaner will deep clean and leave surfaces with a no-gloss, OEM finish. If you are wanting to add gloss and a protective barrier to interior vinyl, leather, rubber, and plastic surfaces after cleaning, follow with an interior protectant, such as Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant. Whether you're looking for a product to do a deep and thorough cleaning or just need something for touch-ups and daily wipe-downs, All Surface Interior Cleaner has you and your interior covered.
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